Alumni of

Harbour City Newcomers Club


The purpose of the HCNC Alumni organization is to continue to build on the friendships created as members of the Harbour City Newcomers Club. Hopefully, new friendships will also be forged as more and more members of the Newcomers group graduate to the HCNC Alumni.


Members of the HCNC Alumni organization must complete three (3) years of active membership (in good standing) of the Harbour City Newcomers Club. Membership in the Alumni organization has no predetermined termination date.

Alumni Activities

Drinks and Appies

Refreshments with friends

Eclectic Tastes

"ET" Dining


(Formerly Pub Supper

or Ethnic Dining)


9 holes at the Pryde Vista

Let's Eat In!

Enjoy the best in home cooking

Lunch on the Town

Try different Restaurants

Movie Night

Catch the latest flick

Music Live

Listen to Local talent

Wine Tasting

Enjoy a glass with friends


Nanaimo, B.C.

"Great Place, Great People"




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